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dog fear

Overcome a fear of dogs

27-year-old Aisha, my childhood friend, plans a sleepover at my place once a month. DIY Pizzas, doing pawdicure for my dog, Selfie (Oh, we love painting her nails), terrace camping and watching a scary movie, is our favourite way of spending the night together. But, this could not happen till quite a while because of …

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Things dogs hate about humans

As with all best friends, even dogs and humans can have misunderstandings. But at times, some of these misreadings go unnoticed. Various researches have proven that, dogs dislike specific things we do to them. For instance, dogs may not be too thrilled about constant hugs and kisses, and may only tolerate it because they are loyal and love …

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dogs in indian army

Dogs In Indian Army

A soldier is not just a person in uniform — a true soldier has specific values like Loyalty, Courage, Selfless Service and Love for his home. Ours is a country, where two-legged and four-legged warriors are considered equal members of a team cut from the same cloth, creating unbreakable bonds and developing lethal fighting capabilities …

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tips for first time dog owners

Tips for First Time Dog Owners

Congratulations! Your family has grown by ‘four-feet’. Adopting a dog is simply fantastic. You will have a 24×7 happy-fur-ball around you to fill you with positivity, a true companion to listen to your 2 a.m. talks, a live alarm to ward-off burglars and a forever 2-year-old’s brain to melt your heart with his mischief. With …

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dogs at christmas

Dogs at Christmas

There are a million reasons to think this is the best time of the year. To begin with, Christmas is at hand, and Santa’s ‘Naughty list’ is ready for this year. I am 100% sure, my dogs are going to top that list. Do they even care? Probably, they don’t, as they always take advantage …

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dog nose fact

Dog Nose Interesting facts

It’s time for a mid-night snack. Let’s sneak into the kitchen and grab one, without waking up mum, more importantly, my dog, Tuffy. I guess, I should eat this two rooms away. (Lol, I’m always making plans to trick my d-o-g…) Mlem! Oh good Lord, Tuffy! You scared the bejesus out of me! How do …

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