A heartwarming story of puppies born in war

story of Puppies

story of Puppies – Born amidst war and growing danger, a bunch of puppies in Kharkiv come as a source of hope, joy, and inspiration for human innocence.

A heavily pregnant dog was found wandering in the ruins of Kharkiv in the middle of March. It was a cold night when the family noticed a dog trying to seek refuge.

The family was an animal-lover, and when they saw the mother dog was pregnant, they did not think twice to adopt her. They just couldn’t let her stay out and give birth on the streets of Kharkiv where shelling continues to be particularly heavy.

The mother of this Good Samaritan family says, “When we saw her on the streets, the temperature was -10C [14F]. We immediately adopted her and took her into our home and just three days later she gave birth to six puppies.”

The family reported that the mother-dog was in stress due to the sound of heavy bombing and shelling, and the litter of six tiny pups was born on the morning of 16 March.

All six puppies were healthy and wiggling around their mother. The mother-dog was slightly relieved and began eating some food after delivering the pups. The puppies also began eating once they were about 20 – 25 days old.

The family gives them cooked meals like porridge, semolina, rice, milk, etc., and while food supplies in the suburban city are still uncertain and bombs are destroying more buildings, the family is sharing their food and meals with the seven furry guests.

Currently, the family is hoping and racing to find a way to safely get the mother and six puppies out of Ukraine to loving homes in the UK or elsewhere.

The family hopes to safely evacuate and resettle the puppies and the mother in peaceful homes in the UK or wherever possible in this time of war. It is quite obvious, the family will be unable to keep them for much longer because the puppies are all growing fast.

Nataliya Rumyantseva, a UK-based Ukrainian scholar is hunting hard to find a way to help and do everything she can for the seven dogs. She is constantly in touch with the family and is scanning through her sources to get the puppies to safety.

She said, “While the shelling is killing so many in the city and elsewhere in Ukraine, the kindness and generosity of the family is beyond honour and praise. Like other families in war-affected Ukraine, this family too is under siege and they are doing what they can for the mother dog and her puppies under these most difficult circumstances. This act of compassion to nurture new life inspires me to do more.”

Truly, this is an amazing example of human love and compassion, the way this family opened their hearts to the mother dog and her puppies when they themselves have very little to hope and live on and gave their lives a new chance.

Pictures show many Ukrainians evacuating their country with their pet dogs and around a million have fled to neighbouring and far countries with their pets. But for the mother dog and her newly born puppies of Kharkiv, things may be a little complicated and time-taking.

Moreover, depending on the strict protocols like rabies vaccination status of dog, health documents, micro chipping, etc., the process of bringing a Ukrainian dog to the UK is not going to be easy.

Defra, the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs of UK, has put a hold to the commercial importation of animals like dogs and cats to 14 May if the animals have been shipped from Ukraine, Belarus, Poland or Romania. This suspension includes rescued animals.

However, the suspension does not apply to pet dogs, and so, the adopted mother dog and her puppies stand a fine chance for a quick evacuation if the family documents them as their pets.

Though the quarantine space in the UK is limited, the Ukrainian pets are now a priority. The APHA, Animal and Plant Health Agency, is striving hard to provide quick approvals for pet dogs and cats to come to the United Kingdom.

The UK government has taken up the responsibility to cover the costs of quarantine and micro chipping of the immigrant dogs and other animals. The government is also arranging medical setups to take new blood tests to detect rabies and provide vaccinations to reduce quarantine time.

We hope the Ukrainian mother dog and her six puppies find a safe place to dwell very soon.

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