Story of a pet dog’s reunion with his elderly master

pet dog’s reunion

This is a heart-warming story of Jack, a pet dog’s reunion with his master, an elderly Ukrainian woman weeks after being separated after it ran off and went missing during the recent Russian shelling.

The elderly woman from the Kherson region of Ukraine had reported about her dog that was nowhere to be found as the shelling started. After searching high and low, it devastated her to know that Jack had run off in fear.

Broken-hearted for weeks, the elderly woman thought that she had lost Jack – her best friend after the attack in the village.

However, volunteers from the canine rescue group rescued Jack and reunited him and the elderly woman a day ago. The rescue group volunteers captured this beautiful moment on camera.

As the two were reunited, Jack gently sniffed the elderly woman’s feet and slowly began wagging his tail in joy. Bursting into tears, the elderly woman petted her furry best friend and hugged him after being reunited.

Jack ran away terrified with the sudden loud sound as the shelling started in the village. According to reports, he was lost for around a month.

When the information about Jack came to a group of rescue veterans, they began a search mission to get him back home.

Volunteers from the K9 Global Rescue group save dogs from inhumane treatment worldwide and reunite them with their human families.

A K9 Global Rescue volunteer described Jack’s reunion saying – “There were many lost animals that we had found in the village just wandering around who had lost their homes. We found them all and kept them in separate cages and roamed the village returning them to their masters.”

When the K9 volunteer opened up the van doors, a lady gasped, took a step back, and exclaimed – “JACK?”

Soon, she rushed back into the house to go get an elderly lady and brought her outside to see the rescued dogs.

When the old lady saw her Jack, she started welling up tears of joy.

An eager Jack comes out of his cage to return safely to his home, sweet home. As Jack is released, the elderly woman breaks down in tears and bends down to stroke him on his head. 

Finally, Jack is reunited with his humans and another dog.

A volunteer of the K9 Global Rescue said that they had never met those two ladies and spoke two completely different languages, although, it was clear that they fully understood each other’s feelings.

Isn’t it gratifying to hear such touching stories of humans bring home a lost soul to its family?

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