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Toby Keith, a Chihuahua from Florida is 21 years and 250 days’ old and he has currently regained the title of the world’s oldest living dog according to Guinness World Records. 

Previously, the record was held by Pebbles, a 22-year-old toy fox terrier from South Carolina, who sadly passed away on October 3 this year.

Pebbles had a long life full of ‘country music, kisses and love’, says her owner, and now the title passes on to Toby Keith once again.

Interestingly, Pebbles was older than Toby but she earned the title of the world’s oldest living dog after Toby.

It happened so, that Pebbles’ owners, Bobby and Julie Gregory read about Toby in an article in April, when Toby – the Florida dog was deemed the world’s oldest by Guinness.

In that moment, Bobby and Julie realized that Pebbles was older than Toby and so they applied for the record. After the essential validation, Guinness awarded the title to Pebbles in May.

According to reports, soon after Pebbles demise, Kylie Galloway from the Guinness World Records sent sincerest condolences to Pebbles’ family.

Later on, she confirmed that Toby Keith (owner – Gisela Shore) from Florida currently holds the Guinness World Records title for the oldest dog living.

Kylie had informed Gisela, Toby’s owner about the same. On hearing the news, Toby Keith’s owner Gisela Shore of Green-acres, Florida, sent condolences to Pebbles’ owners saying that it was sad news to lose a long-time companion.

Gisela was notified by Guinness World Records that Toby Keith, her handsome pooch was “back on his throne” of being the world’s oldest living dog.

Toby Keith, who is 21 years and 250 days old at present has his regular visits with the veterinarian twice a year, and the vets happily affirm that Toby is in perfect health.

Gisela Shore says that Toby Keith enjoys going on walks in the neighbourhood and loves roaming around their yard. He also loves to bask in the sun for 10 to 15 minutes every day.

Toby Keith’s routine includes trips to the park and frequent car rides, at least thrice a week. He also gets his pedicures and grooming in every four weeks.

Gisela serves Toby a healthy diet of brown rice, vegetables, chicken and dog kibble, and as a treat, he still loves to have minced carrots and a little piece of turkey every morning.

On asking about the name, Gisela told Guinness that she actually adopted the Chihuahua as a puppy from a shelter. He was surrendered by an elderly couple because they could not care for the Chihuahua anymore. The elderly couple originally named the dog ‘Peanut Butter’.

Gisela, being a country music fan, had tickets to a ‘Toby Keith’ concert at the time she adopted the pup, and that’s when she decided to name her new puppy ‘Toby Keith’.

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