can dogs eat blueberries

Can dogs eat Blueberries ? Find out the answer here

Blueberries are one of the most popular berries frequently eaten in the United States of America. And, every dog parent on earth is guilty of ...
dog ear infection

Dog ear infection : Symptoms, Causes, Treatment and Prevention

Dog ear infections can be frustrating and make a dog quite restless. While any dog can have an ear infection, certain breeds with excessive hair, ...
can dogs get a cold

Can dogs get a cold ? A must-know answer for every dog parent

Changing seasons bring a refreshing vibe in our lives. But sometimes they also make us pile up tissues and tablets. And, when you catch a ...
Dog in a neighborhood

Dogs in a neighborhood lead to lesser crime

If you live in a neighbourhood with a lot of dogs, then stop grumbling about the barks and growls because what you call noise is ...
do dogs cry - can dogs cry - do dog cry with tears

Do dogs cry ? Here is what experts say about this

Have you heard the phrase – like a dog with two tails? It means to be extremely happy. The phrase quotes an always happy and ...
dogs play tricks

10 Ways Dogs Play Tricks On Humans

Dogs are cute, loyal, and friendly; they will make you laugh non-stop with their funny acts. They are known to be the best friend of ...
healthy herbs for dogs

Improve your dog’s diet with these 8 healthy herbs for dogs

Like humans, our canine friends require acute care. Any compromise in their health can make them sick and lethargic. If you love having a fun-loving ...
Seizures in dogs

Seizures in dogs : Know the Signs, Causes and What you can do

You are playing with Coco, and suddenly, your happy-go-lucky dog seems shaky and confused. Within seconds, Coco flops to the floor and looks like she ...
dog blood types

Dog blood types and blood donation in dogs – All your questions answered

Did you know that dog blood donation is a thing? What’s more intriguing is the dog blood types. Dogs also have blood types, but the ...

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