Facts About Dogs That Will Blow Your Mind

interesting facts about dogs

I never get tired of learning and finding some interesting facts about dogs, whether it’s a new behavior, or even just cool facts about a dog’s impressive abilities. There are more to dogs than what most pet parents think they know. You may know some of these already, and others may be more of a “wait, really?” situation, but I think you’ll find all of them entertaining. So, check out these 10 surprising facts about dogs.

1. Dog Biometrics

Dogs’ nose prints are as unique as a human’s fingerprints and can be used to accurately identify them. Yes, you read that correctly, a dog’s nose print is unique to a dog, just as no two human fingerprints are the same. In addition, a dog’s nose has 300 million receptors. In comparison, a human nose has only 5 million.

2. The Slurrp Theory

The ‘quite obvious’ reason a dog licks you is that he wants to show you some love and affection. However, he continues to lick you to show that he’s fond of you, but also because licking releases dopamine endorphins (The Happy Hormones) in dogs’ brains that make them feel calmer and more relaxed.

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3. One piggy went to market

Normally, dogs have five toes on their front and rear feet. The pads on the bottom of their feet protect them and provide grip as they walk. Their toenails provide grip and help them dig. A carpal pad is also found on the forelimb which is used for additional grip when stopping or descending a slope. Some breeds, such as the Great Pyrenees and the Norwegian Lundehund have six toes on each foot.

4. Dogs are natural swimmers

Have you ever wondered why?

Most dogs have some webbing on their feet. The webbing provides stability for walking and extra help for swimming. It’s how paws are composed, just like your fingers have a bit of skin between them, dogs have a thin membrane between their toes. Newfoundlands (a dog breed) have the longest toes of all breeds, and Labrador retrievers come in second. Both breeds also have webbed feet, which helps make them excellent swimmers.

5. Not all dogs bark

The 5th one in the list of facts about dogs is the very first word you’ll ever associate with the word ‘Dog’ in a word game is’ ‘Bark’. But, what if I tell you that all dogs do not bark? Yes, it’s true! Like most hounds, Basenjis are very vocal. However, unlike most dogs, Basenjis don’t bark. The unique noise they make can be best described as a yodel.

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6. Dogs have three eyelids

Humans have two eyelids per eye- an upper eyelid and a lower eyelid. Dogs have three eyelids- an upper eyelid, a lower eyelid and a prominent third eyelid (nictitating membrane) located at the bottom of the inner part of the eye, between the lower eyelid and the globe of the eye. The third eyelid offers protection for the eyeball by lubricating it and helps in removing foreign bodies.

7. Dogs are scientists

Not really, but if your dog is taking multiple rounds, carefully choosing a perfect place to do his business, it is because they prefer to poop in alignment with the Earth’s Magnetic Field.

8. Seeing Eye Dogs

Guide dogs trained to lead blind people, generally termed as “Seeing eye dogs”, are specially trained to do their “business” on command. This way their owner can clean it up easily. “It’s go time” and “Get busy” are the famous commands such owners bring into use.

9. I miss you

Dogs experience separation anxiety when they are away from their owner or a close family member. Studies have shown, the scent you leave behind on worn clothes can help ease their separation anxiety. So, next time try leaving some clothing with your fur baby and cuddle with him once you’re back.

10. This one breaks my heart

There are approximately 600 million dogs in the world. It is estimated that nearly 400 million of those dogs are stray. It is also estimated that the current world population is nearly 7.8 Billion. So, if half of the people in the world adopt a dog, every stray dog would have a home to live happily ever after.

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