Brownie – The Lucky Dog Who Was Rescued Twice


Brownie had gone missing after a play session at the beach with her owners. Manish and Shikha, a couple living in Juhu, Mumbai said, they will give a cash reward to whoever identified and located their darling fur baby girl, Brownie. For Brownie’s parents, no amount of money or effort was too much to find her after she went missing from a beach-garden near their apartment on a Sunday. Without any delay, they announced a reward of Rs. 1,00,000 to anyone who could bring back their beloved puppy.

Manish and Shikha, an Indian couple residing in Gandhigram Road, Juhu, Mumbai since 2014, put up detailed posters of Brownie in various parts of the city on Monday and even posted it on social media, announcing that whoever helps them find their pet ‘Brownie’ will get a cash reward of Rs. 1,00,000.

They received a number of calls from various parts of the city claiming they had “information” about their Brownie, an Indian breed with a short brown coat and defined eyes, but nothing materialised from them. Finally, on Wednesday afternoon, Manish got his dog back after receiving a call from the girl who lived in their area almost 3 kilometres away from the beach-garden where Brownie was last seen.

An elated Manish was ready to offer Brownie’s rescuer the promised reward of Rs. 1,00,000, but the girl refused to take any money for the help. Manish and Shikha are now trying to convince the girl to accept their generous gift.

“My baby girl who is just a few months old, was out in the streets for the past three-and-a-half days. The girl rang me up to say she had spotted Brownie near the parking area of her society. She said she spotted my pet while walking her dog,” Manish said.

He, however, said the girl’s parents too said that they will not accept the cash reward, and were glad they could help. “We will go this weekend once again and try to convince the kind girl to accept the reward. However, if she again refuses to take the money , Manish and I will donate the amount to a dog shelter in Brownie’s name,” Shikha said, adding that it was the best day of her life to see Brownie again.

The couple adopted Brownie in December last year from a dog shelter located in Andheri, Mumbai.

Manish works in an American company as a general manager, while Shikha is a fashion stylist. Though the couple already has a dog, Leo, Shikha wanted to adopt a dog from the streets.

One day, she saw an advertisement on a social media site regarding adoption of dogs. Shikha bonded with Brownie instantly and decided to bring her home.

“Brownie is scared and exhausted as she was without food and water on the streets for three and a half days. We are emotionally attached to Brownie since day one,” said Shikha.

“Our friends, neighbours, relatives and many other people were out on the streets to find Brownie and we were touched by their gesture. We were getting updates from various people who were out looking for our dog,” she said.

“Last week, there were reports of pet dogs going missing in the city and allegedly being kidnapped and stolen. The reports have made the owners worried about their pets. But thankfully, the world is full of compassionate humans who care unconditionally, and we pray that everyone’s missing dog be found just like our Brownie.”

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