Fido – An extraordinary tale of love, loyalty & devotion

Fedo the dog

“Waiting is a sign of faithful love, patience, and devotion.”

On a cold winter night, heavy snowfall stopped the bus on which bricklayer Carlo Soriano usually rode home from work in Borgo San Lorenzo, Tuscan, Italy.

The only option was to walk home.  Carlo braced himself for a long walk homeward.

While crossing the icy torrent of Le Cale that chill night, there was one individual in a worse condition than him — a small mongrel dog abandoned beneath a bridge.

Passing by the bridge, Carlo heard the dog’s whimpering, and climbed down to save it.

From that moment on, Carlo and Fido – “the faithful one”, were best friends.

On holidays they went hiking and hunting together, and on workdays Fido unfailingly escorted his master, Carlo, to the San Lorenzo bus, and greeted him at the bus stop when he came home at night.

How beautiful it is to have someone who wants nothing but your presence!

Sadly, on the glum night of 30th December 1943, during the Second World War, after an Allied air raid on German defenses in San Lorenzo, Carlo failed to return.

Fido, like always had gone to the bus stop to greet his master and usher him back home.

On not spotting his master, Fido waited all night under the bus parked in the square.

He returned home sad and disheartened, but his hopes did not die. He went back to the bus stop again the next night longing to see the man he had been missing terribly.

Fido waited patiently again the next night and the next and the next.

Each night from then on, as 14 years passed, Fido met the bus from San Lorenzo and waited quietly under it for his master.

Years passed, and Fido’s sorrowful eyes waited to meet his master’s.

The local folks looked out for Fido. The butcher gave him meat and bones to support his vigil, and the villagers greeted him with cheering and comforting words.

Often, on bitterly cold nights, the bus company would allow Fido to do his waiting inside, instead of under the bus.

Each year, through her hardships, Carlo’s wife raised the money for Fido’s dog license.

In March 1957, the mayor of Luco himself declared that Fido would henceforth live tax-free as the only legally unlicensed dog in Italy.

“Fido has set an example of fidelity to our village and deserves to be placed on the list of Luco’s honored citizens”, said the honourable mayor.

What an incredible tale of love, loyalty and devotion!

There’s a reason the phrase ‘as loyal as a dog’ is used as the highest measure of faithfulness.

Dogs are epitomes of loyalty, love and selflessness. They say ‘I love you’ in many ways – they wag their tail at the first sound of your footsteps, they greet you with a wide smile when you get home, they lick your face unstoppably, and they wait for you when you’re gone.

Fido, an Italian street dog’s life is a testimony of steadfast love. He portrayed his unwavering love as he waited for his deceased master’s return in vain for 14 years.

It was in the 14th year, on June 9, 1958, when Fido passed away at the bus-stop while still waiting for his master.

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