Incredible Story of a stray Dog and a baby Deer

stray dog and a baby deer

On a cold winter night, Julie, a stray dog was found alone, shaking, shivering, and starving. A policeman had found her in a locked garage. 

Julie was skinny and malnourished when the cop had brought her to a wildlife sanctuary where she was nursed back to health.

The most unique thing about this story is that, unlike most abandoned and abused dogs, Julie was gentle, calm, and nurturing. As time passed, Julie became the apple of everyone’s eye in the sanctuary.

As soon as Julie began to feel better, she immediately began comforting other stray animals that came into the sanctuary and made them feel better.

Foxes, chicks, ducklings, guinea pigs, puppies, kittens, and bunnies, Julie was a foster dog mother to all.

One fine day, the sanctuary welcomed a baby deer. This tiny tot had fractured her legs and was found lying in a pit with no mother to be seen anywhere.

The baby deer was very scared and weak, but she healed a little, each day at the sanctuary. When she was able to stand and walk, she was brought to Julie for help.

Julie and the baby deer formed an instant bond as they snuggled with each other all night. The baby deer was more lively and bouncy after she met Julie, her foster mama.

Julie was the baby deer’s forever mama during the better half of her life.

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