Story – Mufasa’s dream comes true

dream come true

We all have dreams and we wish them all to come true. 

Like you and me, Mufasa too had a dream. His dream was to have a loving family, a home and hoomans to call his own.

Mufasa was a blind Golden Retriever pup found abandoned near a lake. He was completely wet and cold. A group of locals rescued him and took him to the nearest animal shelter.

The animal shelter caregivers immediately wiped Mufasa dry and provided him with the basic care he needed, but they could not keep him because the shelter was jam-packed with sick and ailing dogs and there was no room for Mufasa. 

The shelter was helpless and so Mufasa was sent to another shelter the same evening.

When Mufasa arrived at the second shelter, he was warmly welcomed by all shelter people. His caregivers loved him a lot and took care of him as he grew into a healthy and playful ball of fur.

Mufasa was soon put up for adoption at the shelter. After six weeks, Mufasa was taken into a family.

But unfortunately this was temporaray. Mufasa was returned back to the shelter.

Mufasa’s dream of having a home to call his own and finding a hooman to love him unconditionally looked blurry.

It was only after five years of changing various shelters that Mufasa’s dream had come true. He was finally adopted by a loving family with hoomans and another furry sibling.

Mufasa, not only found a home and his hoomans to call his own, but he also found a new best friend Oliver, a Golden Retriever dog who was his own guide dog puppy, to keep him company indoors and help him during outdoor walks. 

The adoption of Mufasa happened immediately after a photo of the lonely blind doggo with a sign that read the following was posted online by one of Mufasa’s caregiver from the shelter:

“Does anybody want me? I’ve been waiting for 5 years. Here at the shelter everyone tells me what a good boy I am. So why has no one adopted me? I promise to be good and love my new family and all my hoomans. Please be my new family. I sit and wait for you to come to take me home.” -Mufasa

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