Story of a stray dog who saved an abandoned new-born baby

stray dog mother

Dog spelled backwards is God and this incredible story of a stray dog is nothing less than a miracle of God.

While it may be hard to believe for some, this miraculous event happened where one mother abandoned her unwanted baby but there was another mother in the form of a dog nearby.

People of Mungeli, Chhattisgarh, India, were overwhelmed when they saw an abandoned new born baby girl lying safe and protected in a litter of new born pups with their mother dog.

As per reports, the baby girl was abandoned by her parents in Saristal village of Mungeli town in an isolated area and after a social inquiry the villagers came to know about the new born baby.

The local police were immediately informed about the incident and they provided the assistance and began the search for the new born baby.

The next morning when the local police and villagers found the baby girl, there was not even a single scratch on her.

The search was successful and their eyes could not believe the wonderwork of God that what was in front of them.

The new born baby was completely safe and sound, sleeping with the pups and the mother dog was sitting calmly with them.

Literally, the new born baby girl had no clothing, and her umbilical cord was still attached.

The stray mother dog who had just delivered her pups a few days ago saved the life of the new born baby girl after discovering the abandoned child in an isolated place.

Reportedly, the parents had abandoned the new born baby girl in a lonely place far from the village.

But the stray mother dog who may have been in search for food probably, found the new born girl and carried the baby across a busy road into a pile of hay where she had her litter of puppies, the media reported.

The mother dog’s love was instinctual. This divine act of unconditional love was awe-inspiring but at the same time it also questioned our humanity.

The news sparked outrage among people when it was shared on social media by an animal care NGO, Jeev Aashraya, who helps in rescuing and protecting animals.

The parents of the new born baby girl have faced harsh legal consequences and punishment, and, both, the baby girl and the mother dog and her litter have been rescued to safety.

Indeed, million times better than humans, dogs have time and again proved to be God-sent-angels on earth.

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