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Hello hoomans!

Your ancestors (monkeys) visited us this morning.

This is the third time these rogues have made a trip to our vegetable garden in my presence, but Selfie told me they keep coming quite often due to the brinjals, pumpkins, and other veggies.

The moment the gang of monkeys arrive on our terrace, Selfie and Tuffy sprint upstairs to chase them.

Mama also runs to shoo them away, as they destroy all the flowerpots and vegetables.

Today, the monkeys were too many in number, and Selfie, Tuffy and mama were losing the battle with those mischievous creatures.

I heard mama screaming for help.

Eventually, big mama ran upstairs with sticks and stones, uncle, who is sick, too, walked up with a broom.

In the same minute, our house help Meenu didi too had arrived. She ran inside, went straight into the kitchen to get a big plate and cooking spoon, and I wondered why.

Within seconds she took the utensils and raced to the terrace.

I heard mama scream the second time – a monkey had jumped over her head.

Enough of hiding! I am Hyena. I must defend my family.

I decided to be brave and ran upstairs to help my mama.

“Here I come you long-tail monsters. DON’T YOU DARE HARASS MY MAMA.”

As I reached the terrace, I saw sticks, stones and brooms flying in the air, with everyone screaming and running around, and, Meenu didi was banging the plate and spoon as loud as she could.

Holy Mother Nature! My hooman-family is absolutely wild.

I made a U-turn back downstairs and ran for my life.

The chaos and noise, I almost got a minor heart attack!

Those monkeys stand no chance today with what I saw and heard upstairs.

This is baby Hyena, signing-off and praying for those monkeys.

See you tomorrow again! Bye-bye!🐾

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