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Hello hoomans!

I am usually a very good girl, but when I see a bonee (rawhide chew sticks) I cannot control myself.

Mama gives Selfie, Tuffy & me a bonne each, twice a day – one after lunch, one after dinner.

During lunch mama is normally around, so even if I want to, I cannot do my mischief. Mama watches me like a hawk.

But, after dinner in the evenings mama is busy, and this is the time when I can prank Selfie and Tuffy as much as I like.

Tuffy being the slowest chewer among us, is the easiest one to bully.

Today, when we three were chewing our bonees in the evening, I finished my bonee and went to grab Selfie’s. But she was quick enough to run away with her bonee.

Then I went to Tuffy.

Tuffy was licking his paws, and I took advantage of this and made a move to steal his bonee.

I picked it up and ran away in a corner, and chewed it as my mouth kept drooling.

Mama always teaches us not to steal, to chew slowly, and to be good children.

But I got carried away with greed and broke all the commandments.

As I stole Tuffy’s bonee, I tried to chew it too quickly and swallow the whole thing at once.

A large piece broke off the bonee and got stuck in my throat. Stupid me!

I was coughing and choking on a large piece of bonee.

Mama heard me and saw I was in trouble. She removed the piece from my mouth and saved me in time.

She gave me some water, and I felt better.

Realizing my mistake, I cuddled with mama and listened to the commandments carefully once again- YOU SHOULD NOT STEAL.

This is naughty baby Hyena .

See you tomorrow again! Bye-bye!🐾

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