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hyena's daily diary

Hello hoomans!

On Saturday evening I fell from the terrace and fractured my right hind leg.

It was a terrible accident that shocked me and my whole family.

Mama, big mama, and uncle were very depressed and sad to see me in pain.

Tuffy and Selfie were sitting besides me asking me so many questions.

I was terrified about the accident as I had no idea how I landed on the road.

Like any other day, after our dinner, Selfie, Tuffy & I had gone on the terrace.

We run around and play there, do our business and come downstairs after we are done.

Sometimes, I go alone on the terrace to nibble on the pumpkin flowers, eat some grass, chase the butterflies, and hunt for stones.

Saturday was simply unlucky for me.

I was digging up a flowerpot near the railing, and within seconds I landed on the road in front of our house.

I have no idea how this happened.

Mama heard me screaming in pain and ran towards the stairs, I could hear her footsteps. But as I continued to yelp, mama saw me on the road and ran to pick me up.

She cried picking me up and rushed somewhere  with a friend, a very kind hooman.

We reached a house where a strange hooman with some tools examined me under a bright machine that flashed, while two other uniformed hoomans held me straight.

Later, they poked me with something that made me sleepy. I could hear everyone around me and smell mama standing in the next room, but I could not get up to run to mama.

Those strange hoomans, tied up my fractured leg with many layers of cloth and made it stiff.

Now I am totally in bed for a few weeks, missing on running around and playing with Selfie.

This is baby Hyena, resting on mama’s lap.

See you tomorrow again. Bye-bye🐾

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