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Hello hoomans!

After yesterday’s episode I was really exhausted. So, mama made some changes in my diet today to help soothe my stomach.

I usually have three meals in a day, but today I had just two light meals.

In the morning, mama mixed up a bowl of fresh curd and boiled rice for me.

That bowl of yumminess was the best thing I have ever eaten.

I slept snug in the afternoon, and after I woke up, I wrestled with Selfie. Check out our video on Instagram. Though I am just a quarter of Selfie, I defeated her using my ping-pong paws. (Wink)

As evening comes, mama returns from her class, and the first thing she does is hug and kiss all three of us. GROUP-HUG! GROUP-KISS!

In a few minutes, mama serves me another bowl of that delicious curd and rice.

As I eat every morsel, big mama admires and praises me.

“What a good girl! Mama’s precious doll.” (Said big mama)

Big mama patiently waited for me to finish my meal, and carried me in her arms to kiss me tight.

Slurp! I love my big mama, and I kiss her face every time I get a chance. Slurp!

Two bowls of curd and rice, and my stomach already feels perfectly fine.

“Can I have some more, mama?”

This is baby Hyena, buttering her mama for some more curd & rice. While I do so, you enjoy Selfie’s and my wrestling video on Instagram.

See you tomorrow again! Bye-bye!🐾

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