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Dear diary,
This afternoon mama and I played hide and seek inside the house.
It is one of favourite games that I play with mama.
The best part is that I get to play hide and seek and fetch both at the same time.
Mama throws the ball and while I run to fetch it she hides in one of the rooms inside the house.
When I fetch the ball and turn back to see, I find mama missing.
Suddenly, I hear mama whistling and calling my name like she’s teasing me.
My ears become alert and I start looking for mama.
Luckily I have this amazing nose that works like a GPS.
The moment I seek mama, she screams boo and starts chasing me.
I pretend to be scared and run for my life imagining mama as an eight-legged monster behind my back.
Today when mama and I played hide and seek, she threw the ball and hid in her bedroom.
I fetched the ball and ran with it in my mouth looking for mama.
When I entered the bedroom it was dark and quiet. I could smell mama but could not see her as she was hiding behind the door.
I kept looking for mama with the ball in mouth and suddenly I encountered a puppy who looked just like me.
I freaked out and barked at the pup.
Mama laughed and came out from her hiding spot and carried me while I still had the ball in my mouth.
She turned on the lights and told me – “look this is a mirror, mirror”.
I stared at the mirror and thought to myself –
Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s this puppy with my ball.

This is baby Hyena signing off, staring at the puppy in the mirror.🐾

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