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Hello hoomans!

This morning I woke up as fresh as a peach.

While I stretch my long legs in bed, I see Selfie and Tuffy waking up mama – kissing her face.

“My mama. My mama.” I push them and make my way to mama, and she lovingly carries me in her arms. Mama covers my face with kisses and gives me my morning dose of belly rubs.

Tuffy and Selfie too roll on the floor copying my ‘belly-up’ posture to get some belly rubs from mama. “Huh! Jealous buggers!”

After lots of pampering, all run to the terrace with mama to play fetch.

While Selfie played fetch with mama, I curiously looked at something floating in the lotus tub. “Is this green spongy thing a fish? Let’s find out. Nom-nom-nom-nom! Gulp!”

“What is this tasteless thing? Let’s eat some more.”

“Hyena, No! Dirty! Dirty! No!”

Mama warned me not to eat it again, and asked me to join Selfie in fetch. But I wasn’t in the mood to play fetch or do anything at all. I felt a little sick after eating those soggy lumps.

“Oh no! My stomach hurts. Damn you, curiosity. Please don’t kill me, I’m not a cat.”

It was algae, and it made me a poop-fairy in minutes.

“Holy crap! What did you eat, Hyena? Ugh! That smell.” (Mama said)

(Selfie & Tuffy made fun of me and didn’t want to play with me the entire day.)

I should have listened to mama. 😔

Lesson of the day – NEVER eat strange things. ALWAYS listen to mama.

This is poop-fairy signing-off in a hurry.

See you tomorrow again! Bye-bye!🐾

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