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Dear diary,
This year I witnessed my first Diwali.
It was all fun and celebration with lots of lighting and noise. I could hear sudden loud sounds coming from all directions and from as far as my ears could hear.

It was the first time I heard the sound of crackers.
While the sudden sound of the fireworks and crackers startled me, my siblings Selfie and Tuffy had already taught me how to deal with it.
Moreover, this year many of our neighbours put a thought on how much trauma the noise of these fireworks and crackers cause to animals on the streets, especially dogs.
Dogs are sensitive to loud sounds.
The sudden loud sound of crackers is scary and causes anxiety and irritation.
Animal experts have even compared Diwali fireworks and crackers noise to that of a ‘terrorist attack’ for dogs.
Luckily, I had mama and my brave and experienced dog siblings who took care of me and taught me how to deal with crackers. 
For me, this festival Diwali brought with itself lights, new clothes, distribution of sweets and new hooman friends.
This is baby Hyena signing-off, enjoying the remaining festive days with my siblings.🐾

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