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Dear diary,

Today I made a new dog friend in my neighbourhood.

While Selfie and I were on the terrace we heard Jio, our neighbour’s dog, barking uncontrollably.

Jio rarely barks, but when he does it is really important.

Selfie & I ran to take a look at why Jio was barking and that’s when we saw Chiky, a female pup in the parking area in the next building.

While Selfie joined Jio in his barking, I wagged my tail and curiously looked at Chiky.

Chiky was an Indian Pariah like Selfie and me.

She had a shiny black coat and a couple of brown patches near her eyes.

Chiky looked really scared. She had tucked her tail between her legs as she looked up at Selfie barking aggressively.

After a few minutes, Chiky’s owner came and called her name lovingly. She wagged her tail at her master and sighed in relief.

Her owner was very kind and loving, I could tell easily with the way he smiled and petted Chiky.

He told Chiky to say “hi” to Selfie & me.

Selfie showed aggression but Chiky and I bonded instantly with curious tail wags.

This is baby Hyena signing-off running to the terrace to see my new neighbour friend again.🐾

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