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Dear diary,

Today I had been a very naughty and I really regret it because it made big mama extremely sad.

I dug up a flower pot destroying all the tiny plants inside it.

I had no intention to spoil the plants but just to dig out the mud.

Digging mud is fun for me. It is a great way for me to relieve my stress.

I cannot say it, but I too have stress sometimes,  like when I am very bored or suffer separation anxiety.

Also, if I am left on my own for too long, without ways to remain occupied, I often turn to digging.

Having said that, I am an active digger as it is a natural instinct I inherited from my ancestors – the wolves.

I heard mama telling big mama this fact the last time I dug up the Christmas tree area.

I had almost destroyed the Christmas tree but mama caught me red pawed and stopped me just in time.

But today morning I was over excited and could not contain my energy.

Though digging helps me calm down and use up my morning energy, I had gone too far.

I started digging in excitement but lost my way in the process.

The 2 feet long flowerpot that had vines spread in it was completely naked.

When I stopped, there was not a single vine left in the flowerpot and more then half the mud was scattered all around.

Big mama saw me doing this unforgivable mischief and ran to save the plants.

I ran down while I got terrible scoldings from big mama.

She planted back all the vines and patted the mud back into the flowerpot.

When big mama came downstairs, I was hiding under the sofa in the hall.

She yelled at me for being so naughty and she had every reason to do so.

This is baby Hyena signing off feeling ashamed of making big mama sad.🐾

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