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Dear diary,

I was a bit of a hooligan yesterday and I wanted to compensate for it.

This morning as I was walking in the courtyard thinking of a plan, I spotted big mama wearing sports shoes and doing some running workout.

I thought it looked like great fun and charged over big mama jumping on her legs. Big mama shooed me away and began her next exercise.

This time she was sitting in the air half-ways and standing back again. It looked just like the pose I take with my bum up in the air before pouncing on Selfie, my dog sister.

Big mama was in the middle of squatting at the time when I pounced on her. She lost her balance and gave me an annoyed look asking me to stop it.

After sometime, big mama went inside and prepared for her next exercise. There were some nice groovy numbers were playing and big mama looked super charged.

She picked up a wheel with handles on both sides and started rolling along with it, stretching her body in the direction of the wheels.

Wow! This looked exactly like the way I stretch my long legs.

I ran and stood beside big mama and did the same thing. I stretched my front and back legs and lay flat on the floor – thug!

Big mama could not keep up and she burst out laughing.

She rolled the abs wheels towards me and played with me for the next few rounds of her workout.

I gave her a good cardio session, running and hopping around in the hall.

I also sat on her back while she did push-ups.

Though I did not have on a workout style outfit, big mama and I exercised together like gym buddies.

Playing with me was an enjoyable activity for both, big mama and me.

Not only I got to exercise and play along with mama, but I also had a lot of positive interactions with her. (Much needed after what I did yesterday, phew!)

This is baby Hyena signing-off trying to make up for the mischief I did yesterday.🐾

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