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Dear diary,

Today was wash-wash day. Mama cleaned our bedding and washed all the bed covers.

Before putting on new covers, mama put the bedding in the sun, and this was the fun part for me.

After some hours, when she brought down the bedding to put on new covers, I wanted to roll on the hot bedding.

Selfie also had the same intentions and before I could even think of it, she was already curled up on the bedding.

But I didn’t let her rest in peace. 

While she was so comfortable on the warm bedding, I climbed over her and tried to get her off the bedding.

She didn’t move at once, as she thought it was a game of wrestling.

But when I kept pushing her and rolling her off the bed, she really got irritated.

She threw unfriendly snarls at me. This was when I knew that Selfie has lost it.

But I didn’t stop until she got up and walked away from the cozy warm bedding.

Sometimes Selfie’s toothy snarls backfires and I get a grunt from her to back off.

This is when I surrender at the feet of Selfie.

But today I was lucky not be pinned down by Selfie.

Moreover, mama watches us and intervenes when I get myself into trouble.

Otherwise, she just keeps reminding me not to be a naughty girl.

I try my best but I go green with envy watching Selfie enjoying a nap on the warm bedding.

After mama puts on new covers on the warm bedding, she gives each our bedding and we doze off snug as bugs.

This is baby Hyena signing-off from my cozy warm bedding.🐾

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