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Dear diary,

Today I saw a lizard in our garden. It was the same lizard that was dodging me from past 3 days.

Selfie had also tried to chase this lizard last night while it appeared near her dinner bowl in the courtyard. But the lizard had managed to disappear in a jiffy.

The lizard was messing with us from a very long time and this had to end.

Today, while we were all soaking in the morning sunshine, I heard something run and hide behind a flowerpot.

As I walked up to the flowerpot, I could sniff the lizard.

My nose confirmed that it was the same lizard that had been escaping Selfie and me.

I followed the lizard’s scent and stopped near the wall. Where did that wicked lizard go, I wondered.

I went back and forth from the flowerpot to the wall checking for the lizard. I had no idea where that Sherlock Homes of the lizard was.

As I sniffed and looked up, I saw the lizard hanging on a branch of a shoe-flower plant.

I growled and chased it as it ran for its life on two legs.

It had reached the end of the balcony with no room to hide. You are mine, speedy Gonzales, I exclaimed.

Selfie also backed me up, just like what partners do.

Sadly, she did not see the swing on her way and banged into in. That was a really bad fall.

I had no time to lookout for Selfie as I had a mission to complete.

I had cornered the lizard, but the moment I opened my mouth to catch it, it took a leap of faith and jumped over the balcony. I could see it legs dangling in the air and its tail almost erect.

It landed safely on the porch of the neighbour’s building. A safe landing, huh, this was all planned. I could see it in the eyes of the lizard that was looking at me sideways.

No one can land so soft after jumping that height. Who can know it better than me!

Anyways, the lizard was a pro to get away from ace chasers like Selfie and me.

But, I promise, the next time this lizard comes on a nature hike in our garden, it will be dead meat.

This is baby Hyena signing-off, keeping an eye on the nasty lizard.

See you tomorrow again! Bye-bye!  🐾

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