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Hello hoomans!

Mondays are fun days for me, because every Monday mama teaches me a new trick and every time I do it I get my favourite treats.

Although I’m a quick learner, I sometimes pretend to be uninterested, and this is when mama gives me a double treat to get back my focus.

Now that’s a trick I have invented. (I hope mama doesn’t read this.)

After getting double-treats a couple of times with my smartness, I finally learned the new trick to stay down.

As I finished my training, I ran towards the pigeons that were trying to distract me during my training on the terrace.

“Woof-Woof you pigeons! Just wait for the day when mama will teach me how to fly. You’re gonna regret it.”

Huff! It was a very tiring day.

This is baby Hyena signing-off from her cosy bed.

See you again tomorrow. Bye-bye!🐾

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