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Dear diary,

Happy days are here! Winter is here!

With winter creeping in, I can finally make use my fur. Speaking about fur, I have noticed that I have grown a double coat of fur all this while preparing for winter.

Wow! I did not know I could do that.

It’s amazing how cosy and insulated my double coated fur keeps me in the cool morning breeze.

I think I’m falling in love with winter because I have become more energetic as the temperatures are cool down.

The cold weather allows me to run and play more, without over-heating.

My thick-coated bestie, Selfie, perks up our play with many rounds of wrestling in the morning sunshine.

Tuffy is almost immobile all year as if a switch went off. But once winter hits, he gets all charged to run around and play.

Selfie also basks in the sun all day during winter.

Clearly, this love for winter is breed specific. We are Indian breeds, and Indians love the sun.

We are rough and tough, built to withstand cold temperatures. We thoroughly enjoy winter and all that it brings.

This is my first winter and I’m already having fun.

The morning breeze makes my nose cool and wet. Mama boops my nose and gives me a warm hug – the extra-long one.

During the day, I doze off with Selfie in the courtyard, lit by the sun. I can nap here all my life.

For dinner, mama gives us warm soupy meals these days. It is warm, yummy and full of colourful veggies.

After a walk in the peaceful and dark night, we get cosy in our bed. Usually, I’m a ‘belly up sleeper’, but now I curl up like a worm at night.

Truly, winters are going to be some my most favourite memories.

This is baby Hyena signing-off, happily welcoming my first winter.

See you tomorrow again! Bye-bye!  🐾

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