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Dear diary,

I want to tell you a secret today – I can read.

I look at mama all the time. When I look into my mama’s eyes, I can read her emotions and sense her mood.

My eyes follow her and watch her every move. Staring at mama is my way of communicating with her.

I stare at her when I am enjoying my chew bone. I give her a glare while I pee. I also look into her eyes when I go poopie-poo. I do all this to show that I trust her and love her.

There are times when mama and I have a talk, yes, a real talk, and that’s my favourite moment of looking into her eyes.

Sometimes when I stare at her and she talks to me, I touch her face with my paws to let her know that I’m listening and I love her voice.

I observe mama all day and keep reading her moves. Many times she also notices me looking at her and that’s the moment when our eyes meet.

I wag my tail as a proof of locking-eyes with mama. Then mama comes close to kiss me and I grin in aww.

I can also read mama’s face when she is angry. It’s mostly a straight face with no reaction to my tail-wags or guilty grins. This happens usually when I eat mud or chew up something I shouldn’t. My bad.

Mama’s hand gestures are something I can read the best. Like continuous snapping of fingers is to follow her and a single snap with a command means jump.

And, when she simply hangs her hand from her chair while she works, it means she needs some licks and love.

In the evening when mama opens the pressure cooker, I know it’s time for a fresh and happy meal.

And, at night when she arranges our bedding, I know it’s time for good night kisses.

This is baby Hyena signing-off, totally in tune with mama.

See you tomorrow again! Bye-bye!  🐾

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