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Dear diary,

Today I discovered that my mama is not just my master, she is a bluff master.

Nowadays she fools me and tricks me into doing something, which I don’t want to do.

For instance, the other day when I was playing in the lotus tub, mama asked me to get out of the tub immediately.

But I acted disobedient and continued to play in the lotus tub. Then, mama whistled and put her hand in her pocket as if she was pulling out some treats.

I sprang out of the tub and ran towards mama happily expecting some yummy treats.

When I came close to mama her hand was empty and there was nothing except fraud and deceit.

Mama grabbed me and carried me downstairs far away from the tub.

I really felt cheated.

Even this morning, when I was in the courtyard barking at some strangers who were passing by, mama asked me to get inside.

She insisted me to get in and sleep, but when I refused and continued to bark, mama whistled and showed me my food bowl.

I thought I got lucky today with a double breakfast, so I ran in and search for my bowl all exited.

When I got inside, there was no bowl anywhere to be seen, but my bedding was kept ready for me to sleep.

I really felt betrayed.

I whined in sorrow and ran to the door, but it was locked. I threw myself near the threshold and regretted for being so greedy.

I can understand what’s going on. Mama is taking mere advantage of my greediness.

I need to be very careful from now on.

This is baby Hyena signing-off, planning how not to be bluffed again.

See you tomorrow again ! bye-bye ! 🐾

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