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Dear diary,

Today I was caught stealing food from the dining table.

I had no intentions to do it but there was an aromatic plate of food on the table that made my nose go crazy.

I was resting in the living room when big mama returned from work.

After a quick shower, big mama served a plate of food for herself from the kitchen.

She looked very hungry. She gobbled a few mouths of food and suddenly her phone rang.

She left the plate of food on the dining table and walked towards the living room to get her phone.

Though I had just eaten a big bowl of chicken and rice for dinner, I was attracted towards big mama’s plate of food.

I cannot help it, I am a puppy and puppies are always hungry.

I could not control myself anymore. I walked towards the kitchen, stood against the dining table, pulled the plate of food towards me, and finally saw what was smelling so good all this while – aromatic fish curry and rice.

My mouth was drooling when I pulled out the big piece of fish from the plate, which I shouldn’t.

I gobbled up every bit of that fish and licked up all the curry. I wanted to eat the rice as well, but my stomach already had enough of food in it.

I felt nauseous after eating that fish and curry. But I kept licking every drop of curry from the floor.

This is when big mama caught me red handed.

She took me to mama and both scolded me for what I did. It was the first time I had done something like this, so I got a rebate on my punishment.

Mama looked very worried as I had eaten way too much and out of the way.

My day ended in diarrhoea, stomach pain and lethargy.  

This is baby Hyena signing-off, regretting my mischief of stealing the aromatic fish curry.

See you tomorrow again! Bye-bye! 🐾 

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