Page 46 > The public embarrassment

Dear diary,

This morning Selfie knocked me down in a slushy puddle on the terrace.

It all began when we all rushed upstairs after our breakfast.

Tuffy was wandering around in the garden, and Selfie and I were wrestling in the sun.

Mama was watering the plants and she also sprayed some on us every time we crossed our limit while wrestling.

Suddenly we heard a pack of dogs bullying a lonely dog in front of our house. We all ran towards the balcony to take a look.

That poor lonely dog was defending itself all alone, while the other dogs in the pack barked and snapped at it ferociously.

Selfie barked at the dogs and Tuffy also joined her.

I too gathered some courage and came close to the railing to bark.

I had no idea that the place where I was standing was full of mud and slush.

I barked a couple of times but before I could bark any further, Selfie pushed me and asked me to stay away.

How can I – a dog, stay away from a situation where dogs are barking?

I took one step closer towards the balcony and rested my paw on the railing to bark at the dogs, and that was the time when Selfie knocked me down.

The mud and slush was all over me, and when I stood up all the sludge was dripping from my body. I looked like a dirty pig.

I was embarrassed at what Selfie did to me.

Mama watched everything and scolded Selfie immediately. But Selfie did not look sorry for what she did.

Typical Selfie!

I have noticed it many a times that Selfie always tries to dominate me, but this was too much for me to bear.

Humiliated in front of Tuffy, mama and Mr. Pigeon and family, I walked to a corner and started digging a flowerpot.

I also ate some mud to soothe my anger. But mama came and distracted me with the garden pipe sprayer. She knows that I love water very very much.

I forgot about everything and shook off all the dirt while playing in the water.

This is baby Hyena signing-off, trying to overcome the public embarrassment.

See you tomorrow again! Bye-bye! 🐾 

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