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Dear diary,

The weather has been very warm and sunny from the past few days in my city. In the absence of no rain, the days are quite hot and it cools down only after nine in the night.

These days I feel very hot and look for cool places to rest.

I to doze off near the flower pots in the courtyard or lie flat on my stomach near the threshold in the afternoons.

Downstairs, I have more choices to cool off myself, but when I’m on the terrace, I only have one option – the lotus tub.

Yes, I love the lotus tub especially on sunny days. It has cool water with mud and round flat lotus leaves floating in the water.

The lotus leaves look so relaxed floating in the cool water that even I want to float along with them. So, today afternoon, I joined them and felt what they feel.

Sitting in a cool water pond on a sunny day – it was the best feeling in the world.

Mama saw me in the lotus tub and asked me to get out immediately. She looked worried as she rushed towards me.

As I came out of the lotus tub, I was smelling like a fish.

Mama pitched out a big NO to what I did and carried me in for a bath. I understood that I don’t have to go in the lotus tub ever again.

But the mischievous me took me back to the lotus tub and I did the same thing after my bath. Mama had no idea I had disobeyed her.

I was wet and smelly, so I did not go downstairs after the mischief I did.

I sat in the sun and went down only after I was dry. I thought mama would not know anything. But lo and behold – my body started itching by evening.

The COOL water in the lotus tub was also DIRTY water. It made my skin itchy and dry.

Mama saw me itching and came close to check me. I had red spots on my tummy and I smelled awful again.

Mama scolded me for being disobedient and told me it was for my own good. She gave me a second bath and put me in a time out.

This is baby Hyena signing-off, getting ready to visit the vet tomorrow.

See you tomorrow again! Bye-bye!  🐾

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