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Dear diary,

You have no idea how unlucky you are because you cannot taste a chapati. You don’t even know what a chapati is.

A chapati is made from wheat flour dough. It is soft, it is chewy and yummy in taste.

I love hot chapatis so much that I can eat 4 – 5 in one go.

Every evening, uncle makes hot-hot chapatis and I cannot resist the amazing aroma it has.

When uncle bakes the chapatis, I sit patiently at a distance and watch how he does it.

He kneads the dough and divides it into small balls. Then he rolls out these balls into thin flat circles with the help of a round wooden stick.

Once he rolls out all the chapatis, he bakes them one at a time.

Most of the time when he bakes them on the fire and they pop-up like a balloon. That’s when I know the chapati is ready to come to me. Uncle cools it down for a few minutes before serving it to me.

He gives me 2 – 3 hot chapatis and talks to me gently when I eat them. When I gobble up too much together, he advises me to go slow.

After I finish my shar, I look at him for more. He scolds me that I am too greedy at times, but he knows how much I love chapatis.

So, he melts with my ‘puss in the boots’ eyes, and gives me another hot chapati to eat.

I try to do the same thing again after I finish the extra chapati, but he raises his hand to shoo me away.

He is very kind to me, so I pretend that I get scared, and I walk away.

This is baby Hyena signing-off, munching on a hot chapati that my sibling Tuffy did not eat.

See you tomorrow again! Bye-bye!  🐾

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