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Dear diary,

Today I had to visit the vet again.

Mama saw me limping since last night, so she was worried about my leg and took me for an X-ray in a cab.

After a check-up, the vet told mama that my leg is fine, but the fall from the terrace has resulted in a limb deformity in my front leg, causing the bone to become bent.

He told mama that it can be rectified with a surgery, but only after 2 months. Mama and I left the vet clinic, and I was happy I did not get poked this time.

Once we collected my bone supplements, we went out to look for a conveyance to return home.

There was not a single empty vehicle in sight. So, mama carried me and walked for most of the way, towards home.

The roads were very noisy and dusty. People were simply rushing with their vehicles but there was no one to take us home, I wondered why.

Mama tried to stop some three-wheelers, yelling “auto, auto” at the tip of her voice, but all were packed with hoomans and refused to stop.

Walking on foot, carrying me in her arms for some good 30 minutes, mama reached a place where we finally found an ‘auto’ to go home.

The auto fellow was very impolite and charged almost double, but mama had no choice. I could feel her arms giving up.

Mama sat in the auto and placed me in her lap and held me tight. The auto fellow was very irritable and impatient while inquiring about the address, and I barked at his face every time he turned at looked at mama and me.

We were very close to home, I could tell by the surroundings. We were almost 200 metres away from home, when the auto fellow asked us to get off.

I wanted to snap at his face and bite his nose, but mama took me in her arms and got off to walk towards home.

She paid him, and thanked him I don’t know for what!

This was my first auto ride and I wish to never sit in an auto ever.

This is baby Hyena signing-off, thinking about the bad experience of my first auto ride.

See you tomorrow again! Bye-bye! 🐾 

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