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Dear diary,

Today something very strange happened.

Big mama and mama each have their own toy which rings all day and sings lovely songs on a click.

Sometimes they hold it up against my face as ask me to smile.

I like this amazing toy, and it’s the only toy I don’t want to chew, because they look very happy when they are holding it.

Today their happiness was on a different level.

Big mama’s toy rang and she held it up, in front of her face. She was very happy talking to her toy, like it was some hooman.

Holy Dog! The toy spoke back!

“A talking toy?”, popped my brains.

There was a voice coming from the toy.

I followed the voice from the toy, as big mama passed it to mama. Mama also spoke to the toy, and the toy talked to her.

How was this happening? Who is this mysterious voice? Is there a hooman inside this toy?

“Look, this is baby Hyena. Say hi, baby! This is grandpa Mikey from London. Say, hello to pa!”, mama said excitedly.

My ears turned 180 degrees left and right when I heard and saw grandpa-hooman inside the toy.

A hooman inside a toy. How cool is that?

“I too want this toy mama. I too want one.”, I jumped like a baby goat to impress mama with my cuteness.

Grandpa-hooman praised me a lot and gave me lots of kisses through the toy.

No wonder why hoomans are happy with this toy!

This is baby Hyena signing-off, longing to know more about this awesome toy.

See you tomorrow again! Bye-bye! 🐾 

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