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Dear diary,

Today I gave mama a shock when I jumped on the bed from the ground in the living room.

I had never jumped on a bed or couch yet, and this officially marks my first jump ever.

Mama was shocked and worried for me because it was only 4 weeks ago that I had fractured my leg after a fall from the terrace.

The bed in the hall is 2-feet high and close to the window.

As usual, I was inside playing, and Tuffy and Selfie were out in the front courtyard after dinner time, and suddenly a dog came near the main gate.

Tuffy barked non-stop and Selfie just didn’t stop her marathon up and down the stairs.

I wanted to participate in the protest but mama stopped me from running out and getting worked-up as it would exert my fractured leg or may injure it again in all the commotion.

I was already frantic to smell that dog so close to our gate. In all excitement, I took a leap and jumped on the bed near the window.

I stood on the window-sill to peep outside to grab a look of the hullabaloo.

I let go a couple of woofs to support my siblings Tuffy and Selfie, and the three of us finally managed to shoo away that dog.

Mama stood near the bed in shock to see me up there, and gently carried me off the bed after I proudly finished my duty.

This is baby Hyena signing-off, stretching my legs to try the jump again.

See you tomorrow again! Bye-bye! 🐾

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