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Dear diary,

Why can’t I control myself when I see my siblings, Selfie and Tuffy, with a chew-stick?

After our meals, mama gives us a chew-stick each, but sometimes I feel greedy and want all the chew-sticks to myself.

Selfie is a tough-nut and at times she’s too bossy, so I don’t mess with her, but Tuffy is an easy-catch. To snatch his chew-stick, all I need to do is, take it from his mouth.

But today he was very stubborn.

After dinner, when I finished my chew-stick, I went towards him to steal his chew-stick. He was sitting relaxed, lost in his own world, chewing his stick.

If it was any other day, I would walk up to him, steal the chew-stick from his mouth and walk away – nice and easy. No one gets hurt, and there’s no drama involved.

But today Tuffy was not the dog that I know – old, slow, and too lazy to react.

To my surprise, as I approached him, he ignored me, refused to hand over his chew-stick and kept chewing his chew-stick.

I sat in front of him, waiting patiently for that point in time where I could slide my mouth and snatch his chew-stick.

I also walked around him staring at this strange behaviour of his wondering – who was this drama queen in front of me today.

Today, my efforts stood no chance. Even though I barked and provoked him, called him an old sloth, he didn’t react.

His calm, relaxed and neutral face made me angrier by the second. It was silent torture.

No barking, no snapping, no growling, no sneaking, no stares, nothing, he’s got nothing. Is he even a dog?

“How can this Master Shifu be so peaceful?”, exploded my mind.

This is baby Hyena signing-off, practicing yoga to get back my inner peace.

See you tomorrow again! Bye-bye! 🐾

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