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four month birthday

Dear diary,

Today I’m four-months old. That means, I’m four times more adorable and have come a long way.

I’ve noticed something magical seems to happen when we are around 4 months old.

It’s a time when we feel independent and everything clicks for us.

By now, I have learnt many things and know to do them almost perfectly.  

I’ve mastered my poop and pee-pee training, and similar accidents around the house now rarely happen.

Also, I’ve learnt to limit my mouthy behaviour to my toys and chew sticks.

I know and follow basic commands like sit, come, down, and stay.

Now, I can patiently wait for my food for a whole 30 seconds.

I’m well-behaved and good around people. Whoever I meet, loves and adores me a lot, and I can easily say that I have made some great new hooman-friends.

Mama, big mama, uncle, my tiny hooman friend, dada hooman, mama hooman, our house help, the milkman, the delivery guy, and everyone else I know, love me and pamper me a lot.

Other hoomans who are dog-lovers, naturally love and fondle me, and the ones who are not, become dog-lovers after meeting me. I’m damn cute, now four times more.

Mama made my day special with new toys, extra play-time, a grooming session, and a big bowl of chicken stew.

This is baby Hyena signing-off, enjoying my fourth-month birthday with bonus belly rubs from all my hoomans.

See you tomorrow again! Bye-bye!🐾  

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