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Dear diary,

Mama and I usually sleep in the bedroom inside, but last night we dozed off in the hall.

The bed we were sleeping on, has 3 huge windows next to it. Cool breeze from those windows made us doze off in no time.

Around 2am I heard some footsteps near the lane next to our house.

Within seconds we heard a dog bark at that stranger passing our house. It was Brownie.

Brownie is a female dog, around a year or two, surviving on the streets in our colony.

Selfie hates the sight of Brownie, and barks ferociously every time she sees her walking past our house.

Tuffy also shows dislike for Brownie, especially when mama gives her some food to eat.

I also feel jealous at times, but last night a thought crossed my mind.

Brownie is homeless, she has no food, no clean water to drink, no toys, no one to play with.  She roams alone and looks very sad at times.

Yet she guards our house and lane every day.

Last night when she barked, she woke up Selfie, Tuffy and me to inform us about that stranger.

We all barked together and shooed that mysterious man away.

When mama woke up and told us everything’s fine, we all went back to bed again.

Early morning, I had this sweet dream where I could see Brownie playing with me and Selfie in this hall, and the three of us were teasing Tuffy together.


This is baby Hyena signing-off, wishing for my dream to come true.

See you tomorrow again! Bye-bye!🐾

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