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Dear diary,

Today I watched a video for the first time ever and I freaked out the moment I saw dogs howling in it.

How did these dogs get in there?

Is there a loop or a tunnel to travel through the cable?

Is there a shrink ray to shrink dogs to fit in these videos?

Were these dogs from some other planet with an SOS call?

I need to get answers for my questions.

The dogs in the video were barking and howling one after the other in different chords. It sounded like a distress call to me.

I watched and stared and glared in shock with my ears straighter than a 90-degree angle.

The first dog was white as snow and howled breathlessly. The second dog was sitting still in one place and howling. Soon I saw another dog comforting it. When it saw that his friend was not ready to stop, it walked away and threw himself on his warm bed.

When I saw the third dog howl, I rushed behind the screen to try to find a way to get inside this portal to help him.

I was puzzled looking at the wiring and connection. It looked like another dog world to me.

Was this the rise of the planet of the dogs?

This is baby Hyena signing-off, going on a new dog planet quest with mama.

See you tomorrow again! Bye-bye!  🐾

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