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Dear diary,

Did you know chewing keeps your jaws and teeth healthy? How would you know, you don’t have a mouth?

But I have a mouth that just can’t stop chewing things. I have chew toys, rawhide bones, and many wooden sticks to chew to my heart’s content. Yet, my mouth looks for mischief.

Today while mama was cooking in the kitchen, I managed to sneak in and loot a wooden spatula that mama was using to mix the curry. It had some gravy on it and smelled yummy.

What? Don’t judge me. It’s made of wood and had food on it, and I love, both, food and wood.

Mama had no idea that I had stolen the spatula, and she searched for it for some time but forgot about it and fetched another one to finish her cooking.

Meanwhile, I sat on the doormat in the living room, and licked and gnawed the spatula cheerfully. After sometime I could hear footsteps, so I left the spatula on the doormat as my inner instinct told me – danger is approaching.

I had no idea it was a spatula and I shouldn’t have done what I did. It was just a flat wooden stick for me until mama caught me red tailed. Yes, tail. I need to fix my goddamn tail that keeps putting me into trouble.

Selfie was present with me in the living room and I could have easily dodged the situation. Mama furiously questioned the two of us about the now broken spatula, and even though I had destroyed it, Selfie looked guilty for some reason.

Everything was under control but my stupid tail gave away the whole damn truth. It kept wagging the entire time mama questioned us. Curse you damn tail…!

However, stealing and chewing the spatula was not at all appropriate and I was guilty for my wrong doings. Not really. But, yeah!

I swallowed my spit like a hundred times when mama kept scolding me. In moments like these I wish I was invisible.   

This is baby Hyena signing-off, hiding under the bed. Gulp!

See you tomorrow again! Bye-bye!  🐾

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