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Dear diary,

Today was Bug Busting Day at home.

Tuffy, Selfie and I spent most of the day doing gardening with mama and big mama.

There were three helpers to assist us in the garden work.

Big mama lead and supervised all the work.

Mama plucked out the grass and other weeds, and I helped her shake off the mud from these unwanted plants.

Selfie and Tuffy did not do much. Lazy buggers!

While we cleaned the garden, many bugs and insects began crawling out from their secret places.

There was one oval shaped insect, red in colour with black spots on it. It had a black head and six thin legs.

It crawled up a leaf and I followed it in stealth mode. Mama told me it was a ladybug.

A ladybug! Hello pretty lady!”, I smiled.

After a little while the pretty lady bug vanished behind some leaves.

While I was looking for her, I saw a strange leaf. It was a small, green leaf that had a triangular head which moved 360 degrees.

“Wohh!”, I woofed and leaped towards mama.

That was not a leaf. Leaves do not pray.

Mama told me it is a praying mantis, mantis in short. It can camouflage itself to look like a twig or leaf.

I ran to call Selfie to take a look at mr. Mantis, but I found another bug on my way, and I got busy observing it.

That little bug had like hundreds of tiny legs. It crawled towards an empty flowerpot and met a similar looking bug, but bigger in size.

I guess it was a baby bug running to its mama bug. Cute!

I curiously put my paw forward to feel them but mama stopped me just in time.

Mama told me their names too, and she also mentioned not to touch them.

Considering all my past experiences, I chose to obey mama, and enjoyed watching all the bugs and insects from a distance, sprinting from their hideouts.

These bugs really got busted today!

This is baby Hyena signing-off, trying to count all the bugs and insects I saw today.

See you tomorrow again! Bye-bye! 🐾

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