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Dear diary,

Selfie is my best friend.

Every morning Selfie and I wake up mama together with our slurps and kisses. She has also taught me how to stamp mama with our paws when she acts lazy.

When mama lets us out in the morning, we sprint upstairs together, do our business in our favourite spot, and then we run off to wrestle with each other in the morning sunshine.

Playing with Selfie is the best part of my day. Though she pushes me, knocks me down, and pulls my leg all the time, I don’t mind it.

Actually I enjoy all those things. I get excited when she grabs my leg or nudges me to wrestle.

I purposely show that I’m not enjoying it, so she continues to push me till I don’t react. She really knows me well.

Selfie and I chase butterflies and dragon flies in the garden, and together we play fetch with mama.

Once we come down, we gobble our breakfast together and run to mama for a chewie.

Mama gives us each a chew-stick, but Selfie and I love to exchange our chewies.

Even if I’m chewing mine and still want hers, she allows me to take it. When I’m busy chewing her chewie, she chews on my chew stick.

During the afternoons, both of us sleep near the gate in the front courtyard. We bark at strangers and other animals, or when someone is approaching our home.

The entire day Selfie and I sniff and run around the house like two policewomen on duty.

At night, we eat our dinner and play ‘tug of war’ with our favourite toy – the rope ball.

Selfie teaches me how to swing the rope ball in the air and fling it across the room. She also teaches me how to run away and hide from mama after the rope ball hits her head.

After mama gives us plenty of belly rubs and kisses us goodnight, we walk to our beds and sleep snug as two little bugs.

This is baby Hyena signing-off, getting ready for a mid-night gossip with my bestie Selfie.

See you tomorrow again! Bye-bye! 🐾

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