Can dogs eat Cheez Its ? Let’s get the answer here

Can dogs eat Cheez its

It’s been a tiring week and you plan a movie night with your furry friend Milo. You’re loaded with cool-drink cans and tons of boxes of Cheez-It crackers. As you dig into the cheesy goodness, your furry friend eagerly expects a bite or two, or ten, but can dogs eat Cheez Its ? Are these cheesy munchies safe for your dog?

Maybe Milo ate a few Cheez It crackers or an entire box, and you are thinking what you should do. Or maybe you just want to share your cheesy snack with your buddy.

In this article, you will read all about Cheez Its cheese crackers and how safe (or dangerous) it is for your dog. So can a dog eat Cheez its, let’s find out.

What are Cheez Its ?

Cheez Its are very popular cheese crackers (biscuits) in the United States. These baked cheesy snacks are enriched with whole wheat flour and cheddar cheese flavour.

They are available in different shapes and sizes including the classic rectangle shape, animal shapes like dogs and cows, etc., or many other funky designs that will surely grab your attention while walking down an aisle at the grocery store.

Being a family favourite since 1932, no other brand could beat the authentic cheese taste nor the ideal crunch of the Cheez Its crackers.

The word Cheez Its is mix of two words – Cheez (cheesy) and Its (bits or chips).

The Cheez Its bits are made with real, authentic cheese and salt – with no artificial flavors or colors. Each cracker is the perfect size for hoomans and doggos to simply pop into the mouth!

Why dogs love Cheez Its ?

Dogs can eat all sorts of food items, and since they love crunchy snacks and the smell of cheese, they are easily attracted towards this mouth-watering snack food.

The chewy texture and yummy flavour of Cheez Its makes it impossible for anyone to resist. In addition, dogs may also love the lip-smacking cheesy taste!

Usually, Cheez It is dipped in some kind of dip made with yogurt or sour cream which makes them crispy and crumbly, allowing them to easily break into smaller pieces if you need to snack on them throughout the day.

Moreover, the Cheez Its are made with a very similar cheese to that used in many dog treats. Cheez It also comes in a very good size so it can be a delicious snack for your doggo.

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Are Cheez Its good for your dog ?

Though Cheez Its provide an easy way to share meals with your dog, it really doesn’t have much nutritional benefit for your dog.

Cheez Its crackers are made with milk, and milk is a good source of calcium and protein. Dogs need calcium in their diet as it helps in the development of bones and teeth.

There are many other minerals present in Cheez Its crackers, like – Iron and Potassium, but even though these are great attributes to Cheez Its, they don’t compare with the negatives of Cheez Its. 

However, if you check the nutritional values in a Cheez Its box, you will find that in one serving they contain 4 grams of protein, 40 mg of calcium, 1.4 mg of iron, and 40 mg of potassium.

Can dogs eat Cheez Its ?

Just like other snacks, Cheez Its are usually safe for dogs to eat once in a while, but dogs should not eat them on a regular basis.

A chip or two won’t hurt Milo, but make sure you feed him no more than that occasionally.

Do not let your dog overindulge in consuming too much (like eat an entire box at once) because Cheez Its are very high in salt.

Moreover, a dog’s digestive system isn’t built to eat dairy products. Cheese, cream, milk, and cheesy crackers like Cheez Its, might possibly upset your dog’s stomach.

Keep an eye on your dog for signs of lactose intolerance (or dairy allergies) like an itchy throat or cough, or diarrhea. If you notice your dog reacting negatively after eating Cheez Its, call and visit your veterinarian right away.

Can Dogs Eat White Cheddar Cheez Its ?

Short answer, yes!

Dogs can eat white cheddar Cheez Its once in a while in moderation. It has basically the same ingredients as regular Cheez-Its and can be eaten occasionally.

But if your dog is on a strict diet or shows signs of lactose intolerance, it is best to keep him away from cheese crackers.

An obese dog should not eat white cheddar Cheez Its.  Similar to the original Cheez Its flavor, the White Cheddar flavor contains a good amount of fat and sodium which is not good for an overweight dog. 

Though it contains very less than the original Cheez Its flavor, it still contains a decent quantity to harm an already unfit dog. 

It’s best to stick with dog treats specifically produced for dogs that potentially offer more health benefits. 

Can dogs eat cheese crackers ?

Yes, dogs can eat ordinary cheese crackers in a limit and on rare occasions.

Bear in mind – cheese crackers are high in salt. Salt is not recommended for dogs as they are very sensitive to salt.

A little bit may not harm them, but if they eat too much, they could experience sodium poisoning.

Too much salt can cause vomiting, diarrhea, or nausea.

Cheese crackers are mostly empty calories, so you should also keep a record of how many extra calories your dog eats (in addition to his daily dog food).

When dogs consume extra calories, they are at a higher risk of weight-related health issues like heart disease and diabetes.

Furthermore, you should monitor how much dairy your dog eats, especially if you don’t know whether he is allergic or not.

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Can dogs choke on Cheez It bits ?

Cheez Its are small chips of crunchy biscuits.

They take up very little space in the mouth, which means that there are less chances of choking as compared to other snacks like cookies, cakes, and candy bars which may get stuck in a dog’s throat and cause it to suffocate.

But keep an eye on your tiny pup. He may choke on Cheez Its, especially if he gobbles multiple crackers together.

Are Cheez Its bad for dogs ?

I wouldn’t say Cheez-It crackers are exactly bad or unsafe for dogs. However, they definitely aren’t nutritious even though they are branded to be nutritious.

They are basically empty calories high in fat that lack in fibre. The ingredients present in certain cheese crackers brands may pose a health risk if your dog eats too many of them at once.

There are so many healthier choices for your dog to eat when it comes to treats.

It’s always better to give them homemade dog treats than to ever share human food.

Risk of feeding your dog Cheez Its

Some dogs can be allergic to milk and wheat – both ingredients in Cheez It crackers.

Also, if a dog eats too much cheese his tummy won’t feel good.

Many a times I hear some people say it’s okay to feed small amounts as a treat now and then, but most veterinarians warn against it.

The vets recommend not to feed any human food no matter how less, because the commercial cheese contains preservatives like sodium benzoate which can lead to vomiting if ingested by our furry friends.

Besides, if cheese crackers have been refrigerated, it may contain bacteria such as listeria and salmonella which can be transmitted from person to person or from pet to human.

Furthermore, Cheez Its are made with milk, wheat flour, salt, and canola oil. Some dogs cannot digest all these ingredients the same way humans can because they don’t have an enzyme called lactase to break down dairy products in their digestive systems.

In such dogs, the Cheez It will stay intact and cause gas problems. He may also vomit or have loose stools because of this uncomfortable indigestion issue.

When not to give a dog Cheez Its

  • Avoid giving Cheez Its to your dog if he is lactose intolerant or allergic.
  • Serve Cheez Its in moderation as an occasional treat if you wish, but not as part of your dog’s regular diet.
  • Do not give your dog Cheez Its if he has pancreatitis.
  • Senior dogs usually have digestion problems, so when you offer Cheez it to dogs who are over eight years old, make sure you monitor their health soon after that.
  • Cheez Its are not very healthy for dogs, so make sure that your dog has no gastrointestinal tract issues or other health issues.

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My dog ate Cheez Its – What should I do ?

If you think your dog has allergies, you should always ask your veterinarian any questions, since some dogs might have more severe allergies or health issues than others.

Observe your dog after he ate the Cheez-Its crackers and make sure he isn’t showing any signs of distress like diarrhea, lethargy, or vomiting.

If he is acting normal and doing his usual part of the day, he will probably be ok.

But if you see any serious signs, you will need to take him into emergency care immediately where he may be administered intravenous fluids to replace lost electrolytes and sodium levels.

He may need to be under observation for some time until his health becomes stable.


If your dog eats all types of food with no issues and doesn’t have any food allergies, it is generally safe for him to eat one or two Cheez Its on a rare occasion. The risk will come from how much of it he eats.

For ultimate safety of your dog, I recommend you to talk to your vet about all the questions you have about your dog eating Cheez Its cheese crackers.

Cheez Its make a great treat when used reasonably!

Share this very informative and interesting article now so you and your friends can give your doggos a cheesy treat without worry.

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