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Dear diary,

Today when I was chewing my toy in the morning, the last milk tooth fell out of my mouth and dropped on my bed.

It was the last one of all my decidious (temporary) teeth.

The tooth that fell, caused a little pain and bleeding, but biting my toys gave me some relief.

I chewed my soft toy – Squeaky Kitty for over an hour after my tooth had fallen off.

The tooth that fell off had left a gap which I curiously licked every now and then.

When I licked the empty area, I could feel an adult tooth in that place.

Mama gave me ice cubes to soothe the pain and stop the bleeding.

I love ice cubes. They are as cool as I am. But today, they also made me feel no pain.

The ice cubes melted and I slurped up all the cold water.

In the afternoon today, I had soft food to avoid any injury or further bleeding near the new tooth.

Mama served me boiled rice, mashed potatoes and chicken soup.

She told me that I will have a complete set of all my adult teeth very soon.

Then I will able to eat bones and thicker chewsticks like my elder sibling, Selfie.

This is baby Hyena signing-off, happily waiting to welcome my adult teeth.
See you again tomorrow again. Bye-bye! 🐾

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