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It was a very painful day for me today.

Everything was going well since morning. In the afternoon too I played with Selfie and slept well.

But in the evening when I was roaming outside in the courtyard, suddenly mama carried me and put me the car.

I began to shiver.

I am very scared of sitting in cars. I also get very nervous when I go out.

I do not go out much usually. But today I had to go for my final Rabies booster.

When I sat in the car, I buried my head in mama’s lap to hide my face.

Then after sometime, I gathered the courage to lift my head and look around.

I sat upright and looked straight out of the windshield.

It was amazing for a while, but soon I recognized the roads and I knew where I was being taken.

“No, not the vet again. I hate pokes”, screamed my brains.

I threw myself flat on the car seat and hid my face between my paws.

Mama offered me some treats and I ate them though I was so scared.

Please don’t judge me, this is stress eating.

I drank a few sips of water from my new pink squeezy-bottle and got back to feeling scared.

When we reached the vet, I tried my best not to get off the car, but, mama carried me down.

I was very stubborn but mama waited patiently for me to start walking.

When I got off the car, I could see many dogs looking at me with their judgemental eyes.

In fear of embarrassment, I started walking.

As I entered the vet’s clinic, my body began to shiver like it was -10 ° C temperature.

After a few minutes, a person in a blue uniform came close and poked me.

I shook and the needle came out. That guy had to poke me again.

I did not cry at all because there were other dogs staring at me. I did not want to be the reason for a group howl.

Mama rubbed my back and cuddled with me. She kissed me for being such a good girl.

We returned home after some time and as I got off the car, I cried out in loud pitch.

I had controlled my cry from the moment I sat in the car.

Then there were judgemental eyes and pokes – it all was too much for me for one day.

This is baby Hyena signing-off, trying to forget about all the pain.

See you tomorrow again. Bye-Bye!

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