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Hyena's daily diary

Dear diary,

Today when I visited the garden, I found something very strange about one of the plants there.

It had three branches and each one had a bunch of flowers on them.

These flowers were nothing like any flower I had ever seen. They were all set in a round shape just like a ball. I named it a flower ball.

The three flower balls attracted me so much that I couldn’t wait to go close and investigate it.

I walked close to take a look of what exactly this peculiar flower was.

When I came closer to one of the flower balls, I saw that it had tiny-tiny individual flowers fixed together in a shape of a ball.

I was about to catch it to play when mama stopped me.

She gently told me not to touch the flower, and to look closely.

“Here see, here. Come!”, said mama.

I saw tiny bees inside these small flowers very busy doing something.

I tapped my toes curiously and wanted to bark at the bees. But I did not because mama told me they are our friends.

Mama explained to me that these tiny bees are small sweat bees who help our plants to bear flowers and fruits. Even these flower balls are blooming with their help.

So, I did not disturb them and stood there looking at them quietly.

These flower balls are the most unique flowers I have ever seen in our garden so far.

From now on, I will protect the bees and watch their work.

I will BEE their guardian.

This is baby Hyena signing-off, going to take another look at the other flower balls and check on the tiny bees.

See you tomorrow again! Bye-bye!🐾

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