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Dear diary,

Today was a sunny day. There was sunshine in our city after 3-weeks of rainy and cloudy weather.

So, mama decided to give us our bathy-bathy. It was a perfect day for a bath with the sun shining bright over our head.

Tuffy and I love to play in water, so we are fine with baths. But for Selfie, bath-time is a nightmare.

If mama will take any one of us in for a bath first, Selfie senses the situation and runs away to hide somewhere mama cannot reach, like, the small area under the staircase.

Mama knows this, and so, she carries Selfie first for a bath.

When mama carries Selfie to the bathroom, Selfie uses all her long legs to stop mama from getting into the bathroom.

Somehow, mama manages to handle those bamboo legs of hers and gives her a bath.

Once she’s in for a bath, Selfie pretends to be calm and quiet. And, as soon as she gets a chance, she tries to escape from the bathing room.

Today I helped mama to keep Selfie grounded during her bath. I made my way through mama’s legs and hands, and kept pecking Selfie’s nose whenever she tried to escape.

Poor Selfie! She stood no chance while I was on guard. Huh!

After Selfie finished her bath, I ran to chase her, but slowly I could see my legs up in the air.

Mama carried me as it was my turn for a bath.

I was a good girl throughout my bath, and after mama wiped us and groomed us all, my coat gleamed in the sunshine the most.

This is baby Hyena signing-off, showing off my shiny coat to my siblings.

See you tomorrow again! Bye-bye! 🐾

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