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officially a dog

Dear diary,

Today I chewed a slipper – my first slipper ever.

This morning when I woke up, I walked straight into the living room to play with my toys.

As I came close to my toy-box, a strange smell grabbed my attention.

“Sniff! Sniff! What smells so enticing?”, the question popped in my brain.

Soft spongy slippers, lying on the floor close to my toy-box.

“Aha! New toys!”, I exclaimed.

Mama must have kept it for me to chew in my teething period. I grabbed a single slipper and sat on my bed to chew it.

I was enjoying chewing a slipper for the first time. It felt so exciting and relaxing.

In all my excitement I ripped off some bits of sponge. I was really having fun chewing this tender flexible thing where I could bury my teeth and soothe the pain.

I did not blink even once while chewing this amazing toy, but when I did, I realized mama was standing silently in front of me and watching my actions.

She tried gently to take away the slipper from me, but I did not let go. She also tried to barter it with a chew stick. I did not like the deal.

I was notoriously clinging on to my slipper – my first ever slipper, and according to mama, now I’m officially a dog.

This is baby Hyena signing-off, proudly dragging my first slipper around like a trophy.

See you tomorrow again! Bye-bye!  🐾

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