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Dear diary,

Today my tiny hooman friend taught me to play a new game – tug of war.

She comes to play with me in the evening every day.

As she walks into my playroom, she runs to my toy-box and pulls out all the toys one at a time.

Usually when she takes out the toys, I take it and make her run for it.

Today while she was taking out the knotted rope toy from my toy-box, I ran and tried to pull it from one end.

To my surprise, I could not pull it away from her hand as she was holding the other end so tight.

I was pulling the rope with all my strength and so was she.

Declaration of the tug of war!

We both were giving our best to pull the rope from two opposite ends, and none of us were ready to give up.

My tiny hooman friend is really strong!

My jaws were slowly giving up and I let the rope slightly loose. Instantly, my tiny hooman friend fell on the floor and everyone watching us laughed.

She did not give up, rather, she stood up again holding the rope from her end.

I was super excited to see her get-up and go for it. I kept pulling the rope and gave it a twist, and finally the rope was mine.

We both played tug of war until we drained out all our remaining energy for the day.

Tonight, we are going to sleep like logs until morning.

This is baby Hyena signing-off, yawning like a hippo.

See you tomorrow again! Bye-bye!  🐾

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