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thank you everyone

Dear diary,

Yesterday, I visited the same scary place where some hoomans with tools and needles poke sick dogs and somehow make them better.

Three weeks ago, they poked me and put me to sleep, and once I woke up, I saw that they had tied something stiff on my fractured leg to stop it from moving.

I hated that clingy red splint that made me look like puppy version of winter soldier.

But guess what happened yesterday, my bone healed and the hoomans removed that irritating red splint from my leg.

Yay! I feel as happy as a bird and just as free. Those hoomans are my saviours. I kind of like them now.

Though I lost some hair from my leg in the process, I was extremely happy to walk freely after 21 days of hopping around like a bunny.

Mama kissed me tight and blessed me on my forehead, for I had been a very good girl – an angel, all these days.

As I came home, the beast within me unleashed the moment I saw Selfie and Tuffy – my playmates.

I ran to them as fast as I could, and they too ran towards me. Mama rushed and slowed me down.

We three bumped heads and licked each other’s butts and faces.

I told them everything that happened and then carefully we played a little after a very long time.

Mama carried me to bed after our dinner and told me to be cautious with my leg, since it needs some more rest to heal 100%.

Happy days are here again, and I feel stronger than ever before!

This is baby Hyena signing-off, thanking everyone who sent me their prayers and love.

See you tomorrow again! Bye-bye!  🐾

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