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Dear diary,

Last night Selfie tried to capture my bed.

Lately, she has been quite jealous of me sleeping on the bed with mama.

Since I’ve fractured my leg, mama carries me all over the house – to the front yard, the loo, the terrace, and everywhere else.

At night, mama carries me to bed and puts me to sleep close to her.

I love to snug and cuddle with mama on the bed, but Selfie clearly looks jealous about all the extra love and pampering I’m getting these days.

The other day, when I was on the floor chewing my bone, Selfie tried all her mad antics, like running and pouncing on me, pestering me, and provoking me to play.

As I was about to join in her madness, mama interrupted and asked her to stop. Poor Selfie!

Mama is keeping us grounded because we wrestle like two mad bulls and have no limit to our play sessions, which can be risky for my fractured leg right now.

So, since I fractured my leg, mama has restricted us from playing and sleeping together.

Last night when it was time to sleep, Selfie tried her best to capture my bed.

I was fuming to see her rolling on my bed – my cosy bed.

I wanted to go up and drag her off my bed, but mama calmed me down and asked me to be careful of my plastered leg.

Selfie was not aware that mama was recording her mischief. While rolling in excitement, she tore off the pillow-case, and mama shouted at her and asked her to get off the bed.

Selfie became aware of mama recording her mischief and tried to stop mama, knocking off the phone with her long legs to destroy the evidence.

Too late, Miss Jealous! You’re busted. Ha! Ha!

This is baby Hyena signing-off, still laughing about the incident of my jealous sibling, Selfie.

See you tomorrow again! Bye-bye!🐾

Watch the evidence video down here ▼

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